MCPP (3D printing division) is specialized in research & development, compounding, extrusion,  customized packaging and rewinding for FDM/FFF/FGF materials with several production facilities around the world. Being part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group gives MCPP access to significant resources including thousands of its researchers and laboratories.


As we have our own high tech compounder we are able to keep all developments in-house. It also gives us an edge over other competitors who have their compounding done externally. The extrusion park consists of our own in-house developed extruder setups and is ever expanding with the growing demand for more and more filament. This includes extremely accurate measuring equipment.


The highly trained staff is able of professionally winding the customers products, packaging them according to the requirements. After this they prepare all orders in our warehouse before shipping.


The QC & Printlab enable us to completely control the quality of the filaments that we produce. They also take care to test new developments and / or support our partners with the right settings and much more.


We have several locations around the world where our researchers work diligently on the development of new materials, modifications of pre-existing materials and analysis of their printing behaviour. Fully equipped laboratories are available in which we can analyze and measure a huge range of properties.

Think globally, act locally

We believe that our global approach of markets offers the best chance for new technologies to be successful. At MCPP, we not only offer globally accessible technology but also individual and local specificity to help our customers accomplish their customized needs.

MCPP has a dedicated network of global Sales and Marketing experts and support of R&D specialists. This network is supported by the significant resources of the group comprised of thousands of researchers who provide innovative solutions in many high technology domains.

Partner oriented

Our commitment is to be your global 3D printing partner by developing and delivering products that provide our customers with full satisfaction.

MCPP (3DP) serves the following type of customers:

  • 3D Printer manufacturers
  • Distributors / Resellers
  • Chemical Companies
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Fused Granular Fabrication


Innovation is at the heart of what we do and is led by the KAITEKI approach, which values comfort and health while emphasizing a sustainable approach.

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