Within MCPP Netherlands BV we created our own dedicated Technology Center for all our research and development activities


Activities in our Technology Center
Within MCPP Netherlands BV we created our own dedicated Technology Center for all our research and development activities. This Technology Center is based in Helmond, the Netherlands, and hosts MCPP’s Global Competence Center for both 3D printing and Slush.

In-house material development for 3D printing
The Global Competence Center for 3D printing is specialized in material development in which we can formulate, validate, analyze and measure all different kind of materials. Also we develop the necessary extrusion processes for filament or granulate production. By means of additives or special treatment, specific requirements of the polymer can be adjusted and tuned to our customer’s specific needs. We can do a myriad of physical, thermal and mechanical measurements on printed or injection molded samples of our materials. As we have our own industrial compounding facilities in our Technology Center we are able to keep all developments and production of compounds in-house.

Our own in-house print lab
Another great part of our Global Competence Center for 3D printing is our own state-of-the-art print lab staffed with highly-skilled 3D-printing engineers, serving the global needs of our customers. They enable us to completely control the quality of the filaments that we produce. They also take care of testing new developments and / or support our partners with the right settings for their printer. All the combined knowledge, of our print lab engineers and our research and development team, provide great opportunities to grow and work together to find the best solution for our clients.

A pilot plant for UV-curable resins
MCPP Netherlands has traditionally been active in FFF and FGF printing, however our parent company Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in Japan has since long been very active in developing materials for various other printing techniques, such as SLS, DLP, SLA and LCD printing. That knowledge is now being shared within the company, and we are currently planning the start-up of a pilot plant for UV-curable resins for DLP/SLA/LCD printing in our Technology Center. With this new step, MCPP Netherlands will also be able to answer our customer’s needs for DLP/SLA/LCD materials.

Our global competence center for Slush
Due to an internal reorganization within Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, the Global Competence Center for Slush Automotive Interior Applications (formerly based in Belgium) has been integrated in the new Technology Center since the 1st of September 2020. This Global Competence Center develops, tests, validates and industrializes materials that are applied as the visible top layer of your car’s dashboard or door panels. The materials are developed and validated in close cooperation with and along the very stringent requirements of the world’s leading car manufacturers (Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, PSA, GM, and many more…).

The new Technology Center: a true innovation incubator
Our new Technology Center is now a truly multifunctional, multi-product Development Center, hosting development teams with a wide range of skills and knowledge, and active in different businesses and product lines. Due to the very diverse backgrounds of the R&D teams, there is a lot of combined knowledge, experience and synergy, which will help MCPP to lead the way in offering new and better solutions for our customer’s needs.