We are a unique manufacturer and supplier of private label, polymer based, 3D printing products with a sales focus on 3D printer manufacturers

We facilitate in offering 3D printer manufacturers a turn key solution by helping them matching the ideal types of filament to their machine(s). It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a custom material, custom colours, specialized spools or packaging. We can support you with nearly any requirement and we like to be challenged.

Our print lab has the capability to help you reach the best possible results by focussing on creating the perfect settings for the combination of your hardware, software and consumables. This means you can feel more secure that your customers will be successful with your products and in return increase your sales.

We offer a broad selection of services to our partners which include, but are not limited to, the following:

Fine tuning by our print lab of your printer, software & consumables.

Choose your own spool size for the best compatibility with your printer.

Development by our expert R&D team for custom colours & polymers.

We support many customizations including cartridges and RFID tags.