We are a unique manufacturer and supplier of private label, polymer based, 3D printing products with a focus on OEM’s/Industry

Through our toll manufacturing services, we offer to manufacture your formulas into filaments with the requirements in quality and packaging as you define. Typically we do these services for: Polymer manufacturers, distributors, printer manufacturers, but also in some cases for OEM’s.

OEM’s: Here it’s important to bring the knowledge about hardware, software and consumables together while finding partners who act like a solution provider. Our broad knowledge of these 3 fields will result in a higher chance of success.

We offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our many years of experience in (co-)developing, modifying, compounding and extrusion of filaments. All of this can be done according to your specific requirements which can include, but are not limited to, producing filament within specific diameter tolerances, moisture content and much more.


Industrial OEM

A large producer of consumer products asked us to create filament for their production facility according to very specific requirements and tolerances.

During this process teams from both the producer and our company worked on DF premises to optimize every part of the extrusion process which included, but are not limited to, dialing in tolerances, removing potential vacuoles, optimizing moisture content and winding directly on an extrusion line.

In the end all this effort resulted in a perfectly optimized filament that is now being used daily to create all sorts of consumer products which opens up a completely new way of manufacturing for this partner.

There are lots of possibilities and MCPP Netherlands do have their own R&D department and printlab who are strongly working together to fulfill your specific request.