Fused Granular Fabrication

We are specialized in creating, modifying and providing materials for large scale granule printing with a focus on application driven projects.

Our mission
We at MCPP Netherlands BV want to provide the growing FGF (Fused Granular Fabrication) market with a complete solution for materials, and using our in-house knowledge and connections to push the FGF market towards a new stage of growth.

How do we do this?
MCPP Netherlands BV can provide our customers with added value by finding the right solution per project and working together with designing, material modification, printing advise and connecting the market of large scale 3D-printing with the people who have the applications.

We understand the need for creating business and therefore we have several key aspects within MCPP Netherlands BV which we can rely on, namely:

  • The wealth of knowledge within MCPP and the ability to use the intellectual and material resources of Mitsubishi Chemical.
  • Dedicated technology center on which materials can be tested on several important aspects. (impact strength, E-modulus, Vicat, specific gravity and much more…)
  • Print lab where we can advise on the printability and design of the application.
  • Dedicated production line for creating small batches of specialist material.
  • Offer virgin grade materials but also recycled and special grade materials.
  • Connect parties to make the business sustainable and scalable.

You, the customer, tell us what your vision is and together we will make it a ‘’larger than life’ reality!

Please take a look at our material data for a selected range of materials which are in our standard portfolio, many more are possible!