We are a unique manufacturer and supplier of private label, polymer based, 3D printing products with a sales focus on distributors

We facilitate you by offering a turn key solution by helping to set up your own customized brand of filament. The benefits for selling your own customized brand are numerous, including;

  • The possibility to increase your sales margin
  • A way to distinguish yourself from your competitors.
  • Managing your own product and pricing strategy in quality, packaging etc.

We help you to create an unique filament range that is ready to be sold in your own customized packaging. Our print lab has the capability to support you in your sales by testing your filaments in combination with several different type of 3D printers in order to help you better serve your clients.

Our print lab offers support by creating print settings, testing specific material combinations and helping you with your own customer support.

Pick and create your own customized label by choosing from a broad range of different spool options. We have an option for everyone’s filament brand.

Whether you are looking for a perfect colour match or you come up with a great new idea for a filament; we can produce it for you from scratch.

We offer a broad selection of different boxes for your filament range. You can also opt for your own customized box. Ask us about the options!