We are one of the world’s largest polymer based 3D filament manufacturers with a focus on in-house compounding and extrusion


As we have our own high tech compounder we are able to keep all developments in-house. It also gives us an edge over other competitors who have their compounding done externally. The extrusion park consists of our own in-house developed extruder setups and is ever expanding with the growing demand for more and more filament. This includes extremely accurate measuring equipment. The Extrusion and Compounding team are responsible for preparing and extruding compounds into high quality filament made to meet the high quality standards that our partners can expect from us.


We are able to create nearly any type of filament from many different materials.


After deciding on a composition we can do our own in-house compounding.


During extrusion we laser measure the filament for the best tolerances.


When required we can offer winding directly on the line on different spools. Learn more