We are a unique manufacturer and supplier of private label, polymer based, 3D printing products with a sales focus on chemical companies

Within the Mitsubishi Chemical group, the knowledge of polymers is wide. Partnering up with companies as for example DSM gives MCPP the possibility to expand their knowledge and to support chemical companies in tailored ways. Partnerships with chemical companies show the unique position of MCPP in the different markets.

What makes MCPP Netherlands unique is the fact that we can produce (specific) compounds into filament by testing with our own R&D department how the polymer reacts and how it can be modified into the right formula for a printable filament. What makes us more unique is the fact that MCPP Netherlands has the capability to serve you the whole production process from compounding to extrusion, toll manufacturing and finally we can help you with the distribution of your own private label products.

This bridge between a 3D printing filament specialist and the polymer and compounding expertise of MCPP is tremendously enlarging possibilities for chemical companies.

When having this cooperation with MCPP Netherlands it could really give you a bigger access to the market and we have a special team to help you with this!

Ask us about the possibilities we can offer you.